YouTube Marketing

YouTube Marketing In Paso Robles, CA

Another terrific service I provide local businesses here in Paso Robles is some Youtube Marketing.

Nobody is even thinking about marketing their business with this powerful tool! If I had a mobile welding service or house cleaning service I would be making some 2 to 3-minute video clips about some of the services I provide and some samples of the work I do. This is just a no-brainer for me!

Problem is…

Some people are camera shy. They fear being in front of a camera as much as many fear public speaking. The thing is, You don’t have to make videos in this way. You can simply make voice over videos or some pictures and content you can have scroll by as a film strip of sorts.

Here is an example…


With my Youtube marketing services, I can help you create some unique videos that are informative and can help get your business services out in front of people on the Central Coast. The cool thing about video is that people engage to it very easily. It’s easy to absorb and take in. Not only that, Google like to rank up videos in their search results too! Google does own YouTube so it makes plenty of sense.

With My Youtube Marketing services, I can go out and even record anything you have to offer and I can cut and edit the results so they can have a cool and unique look. With the technology that is available today in the palms of our hands, I’m amazed more local businesses here in Paso Robles and the rest of the Central Coast don’t utilize video for their advertising.

Let me show you a little bit of my video recording and editing skills with this video below…


So if you’ve been thinking about starting to create some video content for some of your business marketing, let me help you come up with some great ideas for some videos. We can do some simple and basic description type videos explaining your services. We can create some videos that will help answer some frequently asked question customers have for the type of service you provide. I have quite a bit of experience working with YouTube and have even been able to have a few videos with hundreds of thousands of views online!

Now I can’t promise you I will make you a 1 million view video, how can I? There’s not even that many people living on the Central Coast right? But I’m sure I can help you get your business services across the local market. Whatever the ideas you have I’m sure we can come up with clever ways to start showcasing what your business does.