SEO Services

For those of you who have no idea what SEO even means I’m going to go ahead and break it down for you in simple terms. SEO stands for search engine optimization.

Wow! Does that sound hi-Tech in or what?

All that really means is that I come in and I can clean up your website and have it optimized in the best possible way it can be so that the search engines can find it and list it higher up on their search results. Seems easy enough right?

Well, you’d be incredibly surprised to learn just how much there really is to optimize your website to the best of its potential. Let us say you have a carpet cleaning website you set up, you’re going to have to optimize it and haven’t seen favorably in the eyes of the search engines to outrank your competitors.

Let me break down to you the three main objectives of my SEO services here on the Central Coast.

1) Optimize Good Content

First and foremost, a website has to have well written and really optimized content. What this basically means is that your website has to be written in a way that the search engine actually knows what it’s all about. Let’s say for example that you are a mobile welder here on the Central Coast. When you write the content on your website the words “mobile welder on the Central Coast” have to be included in what you write.

There is a specific number of times that you should include those words in what you write. Now, you can’t include those words 30 times and have your content only be 500 words. The search engines do not like that and considerate it spammy. They will penalize your website and not high on the search results.

My general rule of thumb? Write out about 1500 words of content sprinkled in with the words you want to be looked up for in about 5% of what you wrote. With my SEO Services here in Paso Robles, this is exactly what I do.


2) Properly Titled Pages


Another big part of SEO Services includes fixing up your title tags on all of your website’s pages. A lot of people have no idea how to actually name their page or title it correctly. Want to know something?

Most people have no idea that you can even do that!

Let me give you a few examples of what I mean. Let’s go back to the example of a “mobile welder on the Central Coast” The average person that sets up a website one of those do it yourself website builders will write out a couple of paragraphs, put up a few pictures of their work, and a way to contact them for their services. That’s it.

What most people don’t know is that you should properly title each and every one of your pages on your website. The reason you want to do this is that you are basically telling Google and the other search engines exactly what this page is all about. It’s like folders in a filing cabinet. If a certain folder is not marked properly how would you ever find it? This is exactly what the search engines do. So my SEO services in will help fix all of those errors.



3) Backlinking 


Here is the absolute toughest thing to do with SEO services. This is where a lot of huge companies like to talk a big game in what they say they will do in ranking up your website.

There are companies out there that are absolutely relentless at contacting local businesses and ranting and raving about how they can get them listed number one on the search engines.

Blah blah blah… 

No one can guarantee that they can get you number one on the search engines. If anybody does guarantee you that they are lying. It is incredibly tough to do and even if you do manage to get your business to number one, there’s a great chance they did it in an incredibly spammy way and outsourced the work to other countries. If they did do it by outsourcing it, there a great chance your business website could be blacklisted or buried out on page 30 of the search results.

It’s a crazy industry!

The single and it most important thing to ranking a website is by receiving backlinks from other websites pointing to your website.

That’s it. Nothing else really matters.

A backlink from another website to your website basically indicates to Google and the other search engines that your website is relevant and important. It gives your website credibility. It is incredibly difficult to get other websites online to make a mention of your services. You can’t even cheat if you wanted to! It’s a tough business and it takes someone with some real dedication and ability to grind it out online to get these backlinks pointing to your businesses website.

But you know what?

This is exactly what I offer.

I know how to do it and endure it.  I get online fix and correct all the content on your website and fully optimized it. I get in there and fix up all your title tags on all of your pages. There are other things that I do that others won’t and that is optimized and fix the title tags on all of your pictures on your websites.

I’ll then roll up my sleeves and start to go to town digging deep in the trenches of the online world looking for places to get great quality backlinks to your website and have it start to rank up on the search engines.

I can also provide you with proof of my work and case studies of how I was able to rank up those sites. Feel free to contact me anytime and I can start to go to work for you and start to smoke your competitors.