Google My Business Setup

Google My Business Setup Service Paso Robles, CA



For those of you who own a business here on the Central Coast and have not set up a Google my business account what are you waiting for?

With my Google my business set up services I can have you up and running in no time at all.

It is absolutely crucial for you to have a Google my business account so that people can find your business online. The crazy thing to me is that so many businesses don’t even know what this is. Not only that they don’t even realize that setting one up is absolutely free. You don’t even have to have a website to set one of these things up!

All you’re basically doing is creating an account with Google to have your business listed on their Google Maps.

I’m sure you have seen the little picture of the map and the three business listings underneath every time you look for a local business in Paso Robles or any other city here on the Central Coast. Once you click on those listings¬†you will see the information and even some pictures of the business you are looking for. Believe it or not, Google is actually waiting for you to get your business listed! I can help you set the whole thing up and even set up great pictures to go along with it.

By creating a Google my business account you can be listed as part of that “Map Pack”. However, when you use my service to help you get listed I can show you a way to make sure you are listed in that top three pack so that your business is found when people are looking for it online.

This is done by creating what is called a business citation of your business. What a citation is is basically a mention of your business somewhere online. What Google is basically looking for is what I like to call N.A.P. What Google is looking for is the name of the business, the address of the business, and the phone number of the business. The more times those three are mentioned together somewhere online, the more Google sees it as an authority and will bring it up higher in there Google Map results. Here is an example of NAP.

Paso Robles Horse Shoeing
1234 Creston Rd.
Paso Robles, CA 93446

Those four lines are a “citation” of a business I just made up. I offer a citation service to go along with my Google My Business set up service. Building up citations is a tedious, long, and boring process. It is basically a bunch of grunt work that someone has to do in order for your business to be listed high on the Google Maps.

The thing is, but this type of work does not bother me one bit. I will build up citations for your business to help it rank up in the map pack. Give me a call today if you have not set up your Google my business account and I can help you rank it up fairly quickly. Call me today.