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Content Writing

When it comes to content writing for websites for local businesses the writing is pretty lacking, to say the least.

Content writing for a website is something the majority of business owners pay very little attention to.

Most business owners, the ones that actually even spend any time at all on their website, type in a paragraph or two describing what they do, slap a few pics on to their do-it-yourself website builder and BAM! Their website is done!

Now, do I blame them for their lack of writing and putting in some good quality wording?

Of course not!

They’re busy running their day to day operations. Who’s got time to sit there and really think about some good quality content writing?

Why bother right?

The problem is that search engines and especially Google, are always on the lookout for good quality website content writing to put up in their search results. If you have a tiny little website with just a few pages and tiny little paragraphs, the search engines will ignore it and seek out better websites with better quality content writing.

Example Of Bad Content 


This is probably going to sound crazy but Google and the other search engines have what they call “website crawlers”. These crawlers are little bots that are constantly “reading” websites that are put up online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This is all they do.

The reason?

They want to provide the end user (you and me) great quality search every time you use the internet.

You see, great content is the reason that everyone always says “Google it!” when they have a question they need answered


Google has become the number 1 search engine on planet earth because they bring up the absolute best results for whatever it is that you and I are looking for. Ever wonder why Wikipedia come up so many times at the top of Google’s search results? Wikipedia pumps out incredible and well-written content! They provide a tremendous amount of information.

Example Of Great Content 

Google has built up an unbreakable reputation with us, the end user of their search engine. We have grown to trust their results more than any other search engine and it’s exactly what Google wants.


So, why does Google want to be number #1 when it comes to search engines?

Simple! It’s how they make their money!


Google and the other search engines sell ads on all of their billions of pages and those ads add up to billions and billions of dollars. For all the times we look up “how long do redwood trees live” and “how to teach your dog to play fetch” which the search engines are more than happy to supply good content, they also know we all look up things like “buying the right fridge” and “cheap car insurance” and that’s where they make some serious doh! Huge companies pay search engines tens of thousands of dollars for ads!

Why Search Engines Want Good Content Writing

Here is why your own little itty bitty business website for your local business has to be built with good quality content writing.


You have to write content that the search engines actually want. So in a way, the search engines are looking for you, the website builder to give something of great value to your customers. And why wouldn’t you do that? Customers are always online looking for your exact business and services you provide. Why not give them a little info on exactly what you do and how you offer it?

If you clean houses, tell them exactly what they will happen on their first meeting with you. Maybe answer some frequently asked questions about them. Explain the process and methods you use to clean a home and maybe even talk about the different cleaning chemicals you use and why.

Are customers going to ask these things from you anyways right? Why not answer those questions on your website with some great quality content writing?

I can be difficult to do but this is a huge part of my business. Writing content that is easy to read for customers and also incredibly search engine friendly is what I do!

If you got a website build up and need to spruce up what you got types up on it, give me a call. I can go through what you have and I can help get it up and help both the search engine and your customers. It’s a win, win for everyone! Contact me today!

Sample Of My Work (Just 1 Page On A local Site)


Pricing for my content writing is $600

  • What’s included
  • 1000 Home Page with fully optimized content for your services
  • 250 About Page
  • 250 Contact Page
  • 5- 500 Word Service Pages