Marketing and Web Design Services

The way to market businesses sure has changed in the last few years. Things like advertising in the phone book, sending out mailers, placing an ad in your local paper, buying airtime on radio, and handing out business cards is starting to become a thing of the past. Nowadays, you going to have to change your strategies. The internet has changed the game entirely.

Think about it, if your toilet backed up right now; this very second, are you going to look for your phone book in your kitchen drawer, thumb through all those yellow pages to find a plumber to come fix it right now?

Fat chance! You’re going pull out your smartphone or your tablet and look for a 24-hour plumber in your town on the internet. This is just the way that businesses are going to be found from now on.

Your business must be found on the internet these days for you to have a shot against your competitors.

And one of those fundamental things you must have is a basic website for your business. However, this isn’t the only thing you need. You need that website to be able to be found on the internet. The greatest website in the world is completely useless if it’s buried back 10 pages in the search results.

This is where I come in.

The website building service and services I provide are aimed exactly at that; getting your business found. I do this with three basic strategies. These website building services are content writing services, SEO services, citation services, and other services like YouTube videos, and social media stuff.

First: Content writing services –

With my content writing services, I can help you write the content up on your personal website. A lot of people do not understand that the search engines are actually looking for good quality content on a website. I understand businesses are busy with other projects and don’t have time to write up the content on a website. You can help eliminate that problem with my services.


Second: SEO services – 

To have a website rank up in the search results for your local town your website must be optimized. This is what SEO stands for. Search engine optimization. Wow! That sounds really complex don’t it?! Crazy as this may sound, but I do all of my SEO on my own. I grind it out and can make pretty much any website rank up. If you got a website already up but it’s sitting back on Page 6 or 7, my services can help you get to the top. Here are a few examples…

Third: Google Map Pack & Citations services – 

What the hell is a citation and why does your local business need them? Have you ever seen the Google Map Pack at the top of the search results? Ever wonder how people get there? It’s actually pretty simple. They do it with citations. I can help your business with citations, which basically mean a “mention” of your business online. The more your business is mentioned online the greater the chance you got of being listed on that map.


Forth: Youtube Videos – Have you ever thought about making a YouTube video for your business? Did you know it gives your business a huge amount of credibility if you can create one? I can help you with YouTube videos. For me, they are actually very fun and easy to do. I can help your business be found by creating some clever and unique YouTube videos. I got plenty of examples to show you even some they’ve gotten over 1 million views.

Fifth: Social Media Services I have a few strategies up my sleeve for social media marketing. I can show you how to create a Facebook page and create cool pictures on it. I can show you how to advertise on Instagram and help your business be found on social media.

These are just some of my website design services I have here for Paso Robles, California. Contact me today so we get a strategy going for your business.