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For those of you who have no idea what SEO even means I’m going to go ahead and break it down for you in simple terms. SEO stands for search engine optimization.


I know.

That sounds hi-tech and super geeky.

All that really means is that I come in and I can clean up your website and get it optimized in the best possible way. When done properly, this results it on the search engines picking up your wesbite better and having it rank higher up on their search results.

Seems easy enough right?

Well, you’d be incredibly surprised to learn just how much there really is to optimize your website to the best of its potential. 

Let me give an example – 

Let us say you have a business and you set up a website. Here is what you do to fully optimize it to be seen favorably in the eyes of the search engines to outrank your competitors.

Let me break down to you the three main objectives of SEO down blelow…

SEO Services Paso Robles Step #1 Properly Titled Pages

Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and all the rest have something called crawlers and bots that go around and read every website and every page of content for one thing and one thing only; information.

That’s what they do. 

The reason?

To give you, the end user, the information that you are looking for while you use their search engine. They want to bring up the BEST possible results for the EXACT thing you are typing in and looking for. 

Now, why would they want to do that?


They want you to continue to use their search engine. Over, and over, again.

If you and millions of others continue to use their search engine they will have the attention of billions of eyeballs. They can then use that attention and loyal user base to charge billions dollars on ads that companies and businesses willing pay for. This is the reason that Google has become a billion dollar company. They are, without question, the best search engine on planet earth. They bring back the BEST results, so we all use their search engine the most. More than all the others combined.

So, whats this got to do with your little ol’ business website?

Once you understand what the search engines want and look for, it’s easy to build your site to what they want. 

The first thing these crawlers look for on a website is something called the H1 title tag. Basically, it’s the title of a website. 

They look for the title and this tells the crawlers EXACTLY what that website and that page is about. You have to properly title your website for what you want to be found for. 

If you are a “mobile welder in San Luis Obispo”, and want to be found for your welding services in San Luis Obispo then you want to include that in your headline.

The next thing the crawlers look for is the H2 title tags. These are sub-headlines on you website.

These sub-headline re-enforce to the crawlers that your website is indeed a website for “mobile welder in San Luis Obispo”. Some of those headlines can say things like “Additional Mobile Welding In San Luis Obispo” and “We Weld It All With Our Mobile Welding Service”

These types of sub-headline keep telling the search engine crawlers, without a shadow of a doubt, exaclty what your website is about and will show up a lot more when people look for a mobile welder in San Luis Obispo. 

SEO Services Paso Robles Step #2 Good Content

Example Of Bad Content
Example Of Good Content

Once you have all your headline set up and your sub-healdines set here is the next step to SEO. Your website has to have well written and fully optimized content

What this basically means is that your website has to be written in a way that the search engine actually knows what it’s about. Let’s say for example that you are a mobile welder here on the Central Coast. When you write the content on your website the words “mobile welder on the Central Coast” has to be included in what you write. This will tell the search engines, Google, Bing, Yahoo, and the rest, exactly what your website is about. The search engines will then know to show up whenever someone types in the words “mobile welder central coast”.

There is a specific number of times that you should include those words in what you write. Now, you just can’t add the words “mobile welder on the Central Coast” 30 times on your website.  The search engines do not like that and considerate it spammy. They will penalize your website and have it not even show up at all on the search results. You have to sprinkle it in a few times. 

My general rule of thumb? Write out about 1000 words of good content, sprinkled in the words you want to be looked up for about 3 to 4 times and you’re good to go!

With my SEO Services here in Paso Robles, this is exactly what I do.

SEO Services Paso Robles Step #3 Building TRUST With The Search Engines

Here is the absolute toughest thing to do with any website and what is involved with SEO.

It is getting the search engines, and especially Google, to TRUST your website and your business. When you do all the proper optimizing on a website with the additional things that you need to do to help build the reputation of the website, you begin to build the trust of that website.

It is trust and authority that causes a website to rank high on the search results of search engines. Without the proper trust and authority, a website simply will not show up on the search results. Well, it actually will, but it will show up on page 4 or 6 where NOBODY ever looks.

As part of my SEO services, building that trust and authority is what I begin to do with your website.

This is where a lot of SEO companies like to talk a big game.

There are companies and individuals that relentless contacting local businesses, ranting and raving about how they can get them listed number one on the search engines. They all say they can get you on the first page of Google.

Blah blah blah… 

No one can guarantee that they can get you to the number one spot on the search engines. If anybody does guarantee you that, well, they are lying to you.

It is incredibly tough to do.

Examples Of My SEO Work
Examples Of My SEO Work

Do you want to know why it is so tough?

Let’s use Google as an example. 

Google, does not want to ruin their own reputation. Their crawlers and algorithms are so sophisticated that they simply will not allow a crummy website with a lousy reputation to EVER hit the top spots of their first page results. 

If they did, you and millions of other users would not be happy with their search engine. You and those millions will look for better search results on other search engines.

Google has spent years building up their solid reputation and they will not allow a website they do not trust to go to the top. 


So, how do you go about building trust?

The same way that trust was built on businesses for a hundred years.

A business EARNS trust from reputations and word of mouth. It EARNS trusts from being in business for a while and doing a great job on what they offer.

The EXACT same thing is true online.

Google is looking for indicators, looking for mentions, looking for information about YOUR business all over the internet to validate that your business is trustworthy. The more information that it finds about your website, the more it begins to trust it. 

You can’t even cheat if you wanted to! 

It is a tough task to undertake but the process can be sped up and that solid online reputation can be built. It takes someone with some real dedication and ability to grind it out online to get that trust built up for a website. 

As part of my SEO services, building trust and authority is what I do with your website.

I roll up my sleeves and start to go to town digging deep in the trenches of the online world looking for places to get great quality “shout-outs” and “buzz” about your website. It will take some time, just like any REAL business takes time to build a rock-solid reputation, but the results are well worth the effort. 

Before you know it, your website will start to rank up on the search engines.

Your business will be found. 

You will be “seen” as the authority in town for what you do and the services that you offer. 

That will put more money in your pocket.

Fell free to contact me at 805-712-4454 about my SEO services. 

I can also provide you with proof of my work and case studies of how I was able to rank up those sites. I can start to go to work for you and start to leave your competition in the dust.