I’ll Build You A Site That Gets You Traffic

Hello, there fellow local business owner.

I’m Israel Saucedo.  I am a local website design pro and a long time resident in the town of Paso Robles, CA.

If you’re looking for someone to design your own website or give you some website design ideas, then my friend, you have come to the right place.

I don’t care what type of business you have, landscaping, house cleaning, concrete work, roofing, painting, fence building, carpet cleaning, or just about anything else, in today’s day and age, having a website designed is an absolute must!

But, it’s not just any website that you want.

You don’t want to hire just any website design company. You want to make sure you build a website that will get customers calling in and asking to do business with you right there and then.

And, I’m the guy that can help you design the perfect website for whatever business you’re in.

Over the years, not only have I designed great looking sites, but I have designed sites that get traffic.

There is one thing that you won’t get when you designing a website by yourself or when you hire out someone else to build one for you.

Do you know what it is?

It is the lifeblood of all websites…TRAFFIC!!

If a website does not receive any traffic then it might as well not even exist. The greatest website ever built (let’s say a hair salon) is worthless if it’s sitting on page 15 of Googles search results.

However, a website that gets traffic?

Well, that equals more business for you!

I build websites that get traffic. That’s what I do. And I’ve been doing it for years.

So, let’s talk about you. You have a business. You’ve come to the huge realization that you need an online presence. So now you need a website.

Am I right?

Well, then you found the perfect website builder and digital marketer for you. Here’s a small list of some of the things I can do.


  • I can help you set up your Google My Business Account. (Absolutely critical nowadays to have this if you own a local business!)  


  • I can help you set up a website, completely from scratch in as little as 24 hours


  • I can build a mobile-friendly website (by the way, businesses with mobile sites are heavily favored by search engines like Google. Umm….even grandmas got a smartphone these days!)   


  • I am an expert at writing content for local business websites (Here is some insider info here…Google LOVES content!  The more you have, the better!)   


  • I can help rank up your business and give your business more exposure on Google in the town you do business in. (You gotta out-rank your competition NOW before they start to figure this out, because they will!) 


  • I can design a website for you and give your business more exposure than any billboard off a Highway, any radio ad, or any TV spot could ever do! 

You want a website designed. You want it to stand out. You want it to show the world what your business can offer. You want it to be found for the most important thing of all, to bring in paying customers!

Am I on the right track?

If I am, well then you have found the right guy for the job. I’m easy to get along with, fun to work with, and will show you step by step how I will build your website and simplify the entire process.

If your ready to get started then go ahead and break out that smartphone and click on this number 805-712-4454 and I’ll get ready to go to work for you.

Here what you’re going to get from me at no charge at all.

  1. A meeting to see what type of business you have
  2. An analysis of your competition
  3. A quick estimate of your website design

I am very excited to show you why I’m the best website designer for your local business.